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Ruffnuts is committed to producing high quality heavy duty custom made seat covers that will last the test of time, and they back this up with a full 12 month guarantee.

Each seat cover is made of hard wearing, machine washable, burn and tear resistant material that does not sweat.

Ruffnuts seat covers are NOT a canvas product, they are manufactured from specifically designed foam backed Duratex™ to withstand heavy duty wear, tear and soiling.
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You can be assured of Quality & Service when purchasing a RUFFNUTS seat cover as they are Daimler Chrysler Australia Pacific's exclusive choice of manufacturer for their range of genuine Mercedes Benz, Freightliner and Sterling seatcovers marketed through their Alliance Parts chain. Ruffnuts also manufactures SEAT COVERS for JOHN DEERE & CJD VOLVO.

12 Month Guarantee...
We are so sure of the quality and durability of our heavy duty seatcovers, that we offer a full 12 month guarantee on each and every seat cover we produce.

Custom Made...
Each Ruffnuts seatcover is crafted specifically for the individual model of seat they are intended for, not only does this ensure they look good once fitted, it eliminates wear on the seats themselves as well as avoiding the problem of the seat cover sliding of the seat and rolling up underneath you.

Fully Machine Washable...
The material (Duratex™) which all our seatcovers are made from allows them to be washed at any time with ease. Depending on the weather, RUFFNUTS dry between 10 - 30 min's. You can be sure that after being washed they will not shrink.

Burn Resistant...
A smoldering cigarette will not ignite or burn through a RUFFNUTS seat cover.
Manufactured to [ AS 3744-1 ] standards.
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Tear Resistant...
Ruffnuts seat covers are NOT a canvas product, they are manufactured from specifically designed foam backed Duratex™ to withstand heavy duty wear & tear.

No Sweat ...
Ruffnuts heavy duty seat covers are made from Duratex™, not from canvas or another material. One of the benefits of Duratex™ besides it's durability is that it's a breathable material, so it will not get sweaty and sticky on long drives.

All RUFFNUTS seatcovers come with the option of having your companies logo, property name, etc, on the back rest of the seat cover, This is a good compliment to any campaign or vehicle.

Who is using RUFFNUTS seat covers...
They are used by government departments, mines, fire departments, earth moving contractors, tradesman etc. We are able to custom make seat covers for any type of vehicle from the family car to to heavy mining and agricultural equipment.

Protect the Value of Your Vehicle...
Ruffnuts heavy duty seatcovers are specifically designed to protect your vehicles seats. When the time comes for the vehicle to be sold and your seats are still in top condition you can expect to receive a higher price for your vehicle, rather than if the seats in your vehicle were worn, dirty or even had cigarette holes in them.

Delivery World Wide...
Ruffnuts is an Australian company currently delivering it's seat covers and all other products available through ruffnuts within Australia and all over the globe.



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Ruffnuts Heavy Duty Seat Covers Made with Duratex™ and NOT Canvas

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